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Is associating a unique look with an original mechanical movement the guarantee of a watch that people will want? With its new Weap-One, Rebellion is trying out the experiment again. Touché?

In 2010, Rebellion introduced a surprising device, the T1000. What was original about it? First, it provided 1 000 hours of power reserve with the help of a movement including six barrels. Second, this exceptional watch had an original hour and minute display featuring two parallel rollers. This surprising arrangement can be seen again in the new Weap-One. And although the new watch – limited to 20 pieces – only has 60 hours of power reserve, it also dazzles with an unusual mechanism displayed in an equally unique titanium case.

Traditionally, a flying tourbillon is not kept in place inside a cage, but seems to float in the air. This is indeed the case for the tourbillon in the Weap-One. However, here it is linked to two plates rotating at different speeds. One completes a circle in a minute, the other moves twice as slowly. The result? The rotational axis of the tourbillon gives rise to an asymmetry and a movement that is far from being straight and unvarying. Visually, the difference in speeds creates variations in position, so that the tourbillon takes up all the available space.

rebellion weap one

The ingenious calibre is the fruit of a collaboration with the Concepto Watch Factory and required no less than 529 components. The vast majority of them, although perfectly fitted into the case, are partially invisible, despite the omnipresence of glass. Because the architecture of the watch is built around a 40mm-long and 25mm-wide sapphire tube. This iconoclastic shape, born from the fertile imagination of the designer Fabrice Gonet, resembles a test tube. It is not there to carry out thermodynamic tests, however, but to produce a unique mechanical experience around the tourbillon. The glass has an anti-reflective coating, guaranteeing abundant light to show off the rotation of the flying tourbillon perfectly. At each end of the tube, the hour and the minutes are displayed on parallel revolving discs. The figures are coated with Super-LumiNova®, so they can be read day and night. Two “wheel-nut” crowns top the cylinder. The crown to the right is used to wind the timepiece and the one to the right to set the time.

The Weap-One is a watch with a strong power of attraction. In the introduction to the latest season of the series Mad Men, an adman presents his brief about a Swiss watch from the 1960s. He ends the presentation with the slogan: “It’s not a Timepiece, it is a conversation Piece”. The Weap-One by Rebellion really does hit the target!

Price: 450 000 CHF

By Dan Diaconu


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