Immerse yourself in the world of Watches

Since 2013, Watches News, your Swiss magazine, has been publishing articles covering the fascinating world of watchmaking. Each piece, written by one of our specialized journalists, features the essential information about a new watch or a limited edition in an original, succinct manner. The wide variety of content available online offers collectors, enlightened amateurs, and neophytes alike the opportunity to fully appreciate and discover the accomplishments of the various watch brands and manufacturers.

The watchmaking world is a constant source of emotion and innovation. High-tech material, latest technologies, and sustainable development are overturning the conventions of design and mechanics, contributing to expanding their limits. Our articles enable a deeper understanding of the challenges facing watchmaking today, such as a respect for the environment that is so vital for production using recycled material. Each article contributes towards expanding one’s knowledge of the quest for chronometric performance, providing an opportunity to gain insight into the diversity of watchmaking.

Watchmakers also represent the guardians of a precious traditional know-how. Thanks to the craftsmen’s meticulous attention to detail, the dials are sublimated by the art of fine watchmaking. Crimping, engraving, enameling, and other techniques transform a timepiece into a true work of art. The exceptional mechanisms created in their workshops blend virtuosity and dexterity into exceptional timepieces. The perpetual calendar, the display of universal time, and the minute repeater are all part of a lively tradition of fine watchmaking.

Thus, whether it is for men’s watches, women’s watches, or for gender-neutral models from well-known watch brands or creative start-ups, the Watches News team places its watchmaking expertise at the service of the reader. The aesthetics of each new product are explored, as well as the main technical characteristics of the mechanical movement with either automatic or manual winding fitted to the case. Through our articles, the reader can thus learn all about the latest trends and innovations. Our preferred selections include travel watches equipped with a GMT function as well as sports watches with or without chronographs, whether emblematic or novel.

Be they traditional, contemporary, or futuristic, the entire watchmaking world awaits you in the French and English pages of Watches News.