urwerk ur 100 gunmetal


Remarkable for its complex mechanism, this reference is also set apart by the original casing of this limited series, lending it an industrial aged look.

After the first two versions machined in titanium and steel, the UR-100 is now available in this combination of materials but this time with a “gun barrel” finish that Urwerk already used on the UR-111C. For the rest, all the characteristics of the model presented in 2019 remain. Thus, we find the brand’s distinctive satellite display and wandering time. Here, it comes to life with the help of a central three-headed mechanism and a large stylized hand ending in a red tip running along a graduated minute scale. All the data is easy to read thanks to the use of a bright green tint contrasting ideally with the black of the other components.

urwerk ur 100 gunmetal closeupThe box of the UR-100 GunMetal still features the two thin side openings associated with two terrestrial data performed in 20 minutes. The first at 10 o’clock is accompanied by the number 555.55 km and the abbreviation “rotat.” This distance corresponds to the distance traveled by any person located on the equator during this period of time. The second at 2 o’clock is accompanied by the words 35,742 km and “revol,” recalling the Earth’s journey around the Sun during this same period.

urwerk ur 100 gunmetal side viewThis original display of time information remains powered by the caliber 12.01 whose automatic winding driven by a bidirectional rotor is regulated by a profiled propeller called the Windfänger. These two components can be seen through the sapphire caseback of the 41mm-wide and 49.7mm-long case. Their presence provides 48 hours of power reserve for the 25 pieces of this limited edition.

Price: CHF48,000, plus tax

By Dan Diaconu