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The most optimally-chronometric watch embracing a hybrid motor imagined by Félix Baumgartner and Martin Frei fine-tunes its style to take on a camo look to ensure it stands out from the crowd. Mission accomplished!

When we’re filled with a desire for elsewhere, we choose our favorite objects, objects in sync with our mindset and our style. In a nutshell, for lovers of chronometry and collectors alike, Urwerk has decided to roll out an adventurous five-piece version of its EMC Time Hunter in a Desert Sage variation. What sets it apart? Each microbead-blasted sand-hued titanium and steel case is worn on a strap fashioned in camouflage canvas.

urwerk emc desert sage closeupThis ultra-limited edition reproduces all the features specific to the Electro Mechanical Content issued back in 2013. This timepiece stands out with its electronic components, which means it can self-regulate its hand-wound movement’s isochronism. An optical sensor records the oscillations of the balance-wheel made of ARCAP, an alloy boasting non-magnetic and non-corrosive properties. On request, a calculator analyses the differences between the caliber and a benchmark electronic oscillator operating at a frequency of 16 MHz. A fine-tuning screw then enables the wearer to manually adjust the variations. The rotations of a handle produce the energy for powering it, just like a dynamo. At the same time, a twin barrel provides the mechanical components with an 80-hour power reserve.

urwerk emc desert sage pocket shotDial-side, in addition to the hours and minutes, indicators deliver a host of useful information about the energy left, about performance and even variations in the timing rate. The outstanding scenography of the EMC Time Hunter Desert Sage data mean everything is perfectly readable.

Price: CHF115,000 VAT-exclu.

By Dan Diaconu




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