After the Space Pirate, the Sapphire Vision and the Alien Nation, Maximilian Büsser and friends have unveiled the last model in their watchmaking UFO, bringing the HM6 series to a majestic conclusion!

In 2014, MB&F released a watch with a very original design. With its atypical curves, the Horological Machine n°6 transported us to a biomorphic world inspired by the spaceship belonging to a Japanese cartoon hero from the 1970s and 1980s, Captain Flam. Since then, a range of different versions have featured varied materials and colours, resulting in 92 very attractive watches that are perfect for pulling away from the gravity of our everyday world. With the last eight watches in the collection, baptised HM6 Final Edition, the adventure is majestically completed with an impressive fluted steel case alternating polished notches and satin surfaces (49.5 x 52.3 x 20.4mm). Unlike the previous versions, here the hours and minutes are displayed in white on deep blue globes. The numerals are coated in Super-LumiNova® and take on a light blue colour when plunged into darkness. The colour is also a link with the mechanism since blue is used on the platinum rotor, which has been given a Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD).

mbandf hm6 final edition profileAt the top of the case is an impressive sapphire glass dome equipped with a retractable shield protecting the 60-second flying tourbillon. This ingenious hand-wound movement and its 475 components once again provide 72 hours of power reserve.

mbandf hm6 final edition different viewsThe limited edition HM6 Final Edition comes with an alligator leather strap and a folding clasp.

Price: 210,000 CHF mb&

By Dan Diaconu