The 2019 SIHH in Geneva lived up to expectations, particularly thanks to this watch, unique in more than one way. We take a closer look!

The idea of luxury changes over time. At Roger Dubuis, watches must be exclusive and meet the needs of the voracious hedonist, men with well replenished bank accounts and always seeking new, powerful sensations. To make them all happy or one of them at least, the brand has developed a unique model: the Excalibur One-Off. The source of inspiration? A Lamborghini SC18 Alston supercar that has been totally customised to suit its owner’s tastes. Since the brand’s partnership with the Italian carmaker began, the watches have combined a mechanism worthy of a V12 with a modern and even futuristic design. For this model, a new, 47mm-wide carbon case with titanium inserts has been made. The design elements recall a racing car. The calibre has been specially developed for the occasion.

roger dubuis excalibur one-off closeup frontHere, each technical element becomes a design feature. So the time information comes with a double display, both analogue and digital. You can keep track of passing time with the help of an extra-large minute hand and a jumping hour mechanism. The calibre RD106SQ also stands out through the inclusion of two perfectly symmetrical, 90° tourbillons.

roger dubuis excalibur one-off casebackLast but not least, a selector at 4 o’clock provides the crown, at 2 o’clock, with two distinct functions. When you move the monopusher to W mode, you can wind up the One-Off. In S position, you can set the watch. Like all Roger Dubuis watches, the excellence of the Excalibur One-Off is certified by the exacting Geneva Seal.

Price: 1,063,000 CHF

By Dan Diaconu