In order to straddle borders and travel from one continent to another without losing one’s bearings, the transalpine brand expands its collection with an aesthetic and practical timepiece.

bvlgari octo roma worldtimer sideTransport yourself in the blink of an eye from New York to Tokyo, while making a detour through London or Moscow. That’s what Bvlgari is offering with its Octo Roma Worldtimer travel watch. To achieve this, the manufacturer adopts the layout of temporal information imagined by the watchmaker Louis Cottier in the early 1930s. Thus, around its dial two synchronized rings interact. One displays the main cities of each of the 24 time zones, while the other features a 24-hour time scale. Once the reference time is positioned at noon by simply rotating the crown, all the cities line up with their respective local time. The central hand is set to the current local time.

bvlgari octo roma worldtimer closeupThis mechanism for nomadic businessmen or watch enthusiasts in constant communication with the four corners of the planet is orchestrated by the BVL257 caliber. This self-winding movement is made up of 261 components and delivers 42 hours of autonomy.

bvlgari octo roma worldtimer casebackBvlgari is offering this model in two variations designed around a 41mm diameter case. The first features an elegant personality combining the steel of its case with a blue sunray dial. The second model favors a monochromatic design achieved with black diamond light coating (DLC). Each of these versions comes with a dedicated wristband, made of metal links or textured fabric and rubber, closed with a folding clasp or pin buckle. Whichever you prefer, the Octo Roma Worldtimer is the perfect addition to a contemporary sport chic look.

Price: €8,600 www.bulgari.com

By Dan Diaconu