When the unique world of Stepan Sarpaneva meets the universe of MB&F, the most poetic complication leads to a fun and off-the-wall result, for our greater enjoyment.

In 2012, MB&F introduced the Horological Machine n°3 equipped with a highly unusual moon phase. The satellite created by Stepan Sarpaneva displayed an original face with the designer’s own features, a nod to one of the emblematic signatures of the Finnish watchmaker. The MoonMachine was the occasion for the young brand’s first “Performance Art”. This year, the iconoclastic talents of the friends of Maximilian Büsser, the brand’s founder, have combined around the MoonMachine 2. Based on the Horological Machine n°8, the timepiece displays moon phases, jumping hours and dragging minutes using an optical projection made with the help of a prism. To achieve this result, a pair of satellites sculpted by Stepan Sarpaneva have been placed between the discs featuring the time information – a major feat, with each of the moons just 4.5mm wide and 0.35mm thick!

mbandf moonmachine 2 blue face

The automatic mechanical movement (with 42 hours of power reserve) based on a Girard-Perregaux calibre drives the functions.
Out goes the MB&F trademark star battle-axe on the rotor and in comes a metal grid crowned by a moon with an expressive look, so typical of Stepan Sarpaneva’s work.

mbandf moonmachine 2 blue side

The MoonMachine 2 is available in three series of 12 pieces each. One combines a titanium case and white gold moons in a light blue sky. The second blends blackened titanium with white gold moons and a dark blue sky. And for the third, MB&F has opted for a rose gold atmosphere and an anthracite sky.

Price: 88,000 CHF Excl. VAT (titanium) – 95,000 CHF Excl. VAT (pink gold) mb&

By Dan Diaconu




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