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With its emerald cut, the favourite shape of the “jeweller to the stars“, the newcomer to the Harry Winston Emerald collection proudly displays a yellow-gold case highlighted with diamonds.

Nicknamed the “king of diamonds“, the New Yorker Harry Winston (1896-1978), a jeweller and the founder of the empire of the same name in 1932, certainly had a passion for precious stones, but also for emerald-cut diamonds. They have a rectangular shape with cut-off corners and step-cut sides to better catch the light and show off the gem. For the Harry Winston brand, this shape has not only become a signature element, but also a watch collection: Emerald. Here, yellow gold has made its come-back to the world of watchmaking, after long being ignored in favour of rose gold – giving this Emerald a special aura, as both vintage and modern. A combination accentuated by its size and the double-looped strap.

harry winston emerald closeupShaped like an emerald-cut diamond, the yellow-gold case is 27.8 x 24mm and 6.10mm thick. It houses a quartz movement that is much appreciated for its accuracy and its practical aspect (no need to wind the watch in the morning or to have to reset it when it hasn’t been worn for a few days). This gold setting is enhanced by a line of 52 diamonds set on the bezel and lugs. And the crown has not been forgotten since it displays a diamond at the centre.

The anthracite-grey sunburst dial follows the outline of the case and features two stick-shaped hands discreetly displaying the hours and minutes. Three diamonds, at 3, 6 and 9 o’clock, are used as hour markers, while a small gilded plate, decorated with the HW logo, is placed at 12 o’clock.

The Harry Winston Emerald watch is worn with a choice of a double-loop straps made of satin to match the dial and a tang buckle set with 11 precious stones, or a yellow-gold Milanese strap enhanced with 103 diamonds.

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By Sharmila Bertin




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