It is said to be the rarest form of gold on Earth… The Nyon watchmaker’s alchemists have captured it to create unique timepieces. Yet another surprise awaits you!

The noblest of materials, gold has always captivated us in all its different forms. The one presented to us by Hublot with the Classic Fusion Gold Crystal perpetuates this eternal attraction. The manufacture does not possess the philosopher’s stone enabling it to produce it at will, of course, but its know-how in the field of material fusion makes it an expert in elaborating and handling metals – in this case, gold crystals.

hublot classic fusion gold crystal 2 versionsThe principle is simple, but the technique is complex. The purest form of gold, 24 carats, is heated to its melting point. Fumes are then formed that can be compared to steam. What makes them unique? They contain gold atoms. When these suspended particles come into contact with a cold surface, they solidify to form unique, random crystals. Only 20% of these crystals are kept. Each one of these chance happenings is then carefully gathered to be positioned and then trapped on the watch’s black dial with some twenty layers of transparent lacquer. The whole is permanently protected by a combination case-bezel in polished black ceramic, 38 or 45 mm in diameter.

hublot classic fusion gold crystal closeupBoth models are powered by a self-winding movement, the HUB1100 for the smaller model and the HUB1112 for the larger one. These mechanisms provide each timepiece with a 42-hour power reserve. The Classic Fusion Gold Crystal is worn on a strap combining alligator leather and rubber. It is fastened with a folding clasp.

Price: 19’000 CHF (38 mm) – 20’000 CHF (45 mm)

By Dan Diaconu