zenith pilot type 20 extra special silver


After a bronze version, the brand has released a limited edition of its Pilot watch combining a silver dial and case. The model has all the assets needed to become a collector’s item.

zenith pilot type 20 extra special silver profilePilot’s watches are simple and robust, and share features that make them easy to identify. One of these is the guarantee of maximum visibility in all lighting conditions, usually through a simple display of the time elements. The Arabic numerals are often in XL size, as are the watch hands. All these elements are generally lume-coated. Finally, to make it easier to set the time and wind the watch, pilot’s models frequently come with a large-sized crown. All these features can be found on the Pilot Type 20 Extra Silver. And to highlight a personality inspired by past models worn by pilots, Zenith has opted for a silver dial. The dial also stands out because of a pattern recalling the riveted metal on a plane fuselage. It is housed in a 45mm-wide case that is unusual in also being made of silver, a material that is not often used in contemporary watchmaking.

zenith pilot type 20 extra special silver closeupThe watch hands are powered by the calibre Elite 679. The self-winding movement supplies 50 hours of power reserve once fully wound.

zenith pilot type 20 extra special silver casebackThe 250 Pilot Type 20 Extra Silver watch is equipped with a vintage-look brown leather strap. It includes a leather flap, similar to the ones found on leather flight helmets until the mid-20th century.

Price: €7,900 zenith.com

By Dan Diaconu




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