tag heuer connected super mario


Discover the world of the well-known video game through this first exclusive partnership. On the agenda: highly-original dials, specially developed for the occasion.

Super Mario Bros., created by Nintendo and launched in Japan in 1985, would go on to become a can’t-do-without for seasoned and novice gamers alike. The start of the partnership between the Japanese editor and TAG Heuer gives us the chance to discover the charming colorful silhouette of the mustache-wearing plumber on the dial of the Connected watch. The character, as ultra-active as ever, now accompanies wearers of the smartwatch when they practice their favorite sport.

tag heuer connected super mario closeupAn exclusive animation was specially created. In a nutshell, it becomes livelier and more animated the more the watch user is active. Whenever you make an effort or even move around, you pick up bonuses once you hit your step goals, like the Super Mushroom that makes Mario grow, the Pipe and the Super Star that makes him invincible. Once you reach 100% of your daily step goal, the iconic animation where Mario climbs up the flagpole is unlocked. Although this app comes with the TAG Heuer Connected X Super Mario, it will also be downloadable for the other models of the connected watch collection. Four different dials are available for this 2,000-piece limited series.

tag heuer connected super mario lifestyleAs for the design, this version boasts tailored adornments. The bezel graduation, the pushers and the crown logo stand out with their lacquered coating that’s as red as Super Mario’s famous cap. What’s more, the bezel features three of the hero’s iconic symbols. Two straps are included in the specially-imagined presentation box, the first in black leather on a rubber base and the second, sportier, fashioned in perforated rubber.

Price: EUR2,000

By Dan Diaconu