hublot big bang mp 11 magic gold


The timepiece which only needs to be wound every 14 days dazzles with novel adornments which had a touch of preciousness to its sophisticated personality.

hublot big bang mp 11 magic gold profileIn 2018, Hublot unveiled its new Big Bang MP-11 model proposed in two versions. Its stature, set in its 3D carbon crafted case, impressed somewhat. It would even fascinate in its pristine sapphire crystal case variation. The watchmaking firm, which has become a master in the use of exclusive materials, went on to showcase different interpretations of its 45 mm-diameter case: in King Gold, a warm-tinted gold containing platinum, in red ceramic and even in SAXEM, a transparent mineral composite boasting an intense emerald green hue. Then as 2021 dawned, the Big Bang MP-11 Magic Gold arrived on the stage with its scratchproof 18-carat gold alloy which would endow this ultimate-in-engineering timepiece with an ever-so refined character.

hublot big bang mp 11 magic gold closeupDial-side, the accent is forever placed on its surprising HUB9011. This hand-wound movement features a roller of seven barrels which can be admired through the sapphire crystal. This one-of-a-kind architecture delivers an impressive power reserve of 14 days. A graduated roller displaying even numbers informs the wearer clearly of the amount of autonomy still available. The hours and minutes are hovered over by a pair of SuperLumiNova®-coated hands set in an off-centered disc at 12 o’clock. Right next to this time data, the balance wheel highlights its toing and froing. Symmetrically-positioned large helical worm gear is responsible for transmitting the energy to display the time data.

hublot big bang mp 11 magic gold casebackHublot, forever true to its motto “the art of fusion”, complements the Big Bang MP-11 Magic Gold with a rubber strap attached by a titanium and ceramic folding clasp.

Price: CHF85,000

By Dan Diaconu