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The Heure H watch was designed for Hermès in 1996 by designer Philippe Mouquet and is a star in the Parisian brand’s collections. It has now been given a dash of lacquer to grab the limelight.

The agenda is pretty simple at Hermès: every design in the collections, be it leather goods, silk or watches, must have playful shapes and/or colours. We could have given “playful” a capital P just like the H for Hermès. The initial is very much part of the Parisian brand’s designs. It can be subtle like a secret signature on the bags or notebooks, obsessive when endlessly multiplied to turn into a tapestry covering silk ties or, sometimes, it becomes a piece in itself with its straight and sharp edges. The latter is how it is for the two new models in the Heure H collection.

hermes heure h white

The talented designer Philippe Mouquet has been working for Hermès since the 1980s and he’s turned the H’s silhouette into an easily recognisable watch case in two sizes: 26x26mm for the medium model (MM) and 21x21mm for the small one (PM). The vertical batons making up the famous initial have been hollowed out and filled with a layer of black or white lacquer. The original build topped by the H’s four feet extends to slip into the single or double strap.

hermes heure h black and white

The square dial with soft corners is also in black or white lacquer but this time translucent like opaque glass. The curvy Arabic hour numerals lie beneath a pair of silver spear-shape hands in the centre fuelled by a quartz movement.

The array of interchangeable single or double strap colours available in smooth or grained Barenia calfskin injects a dash of playful fun to the Heure H. As well as classic black or white, you can go for a cool (Maltese, electric or denim blue), warm (capucine red or orange) or vibrant colour (lime yellow).

Price: 2,650 CHF (PM single strap) – 2,950 CHF (MM double strap) hermes.com

By Sharmila Bertin


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