Charms Extraordinaire Langage des Fleurs

The language of love is spoken through the eyes, lips and flowers. These blooms are a token of devotion and we call this floral bond the “langage des fleurs” (language of flowers). Van Cleef & Arpels have drawn inspiration from a love story to imbue the Charms Extraordinaire’s painted and enamelled mother-of-pearl dials with emotion. 3 bouquets blossom from these timepieces’ 3 dials whose case size “grows” with affection (25mm Espérance, 32mm Désir and 38mm Amour). Declare your love with a floral design made up of a buttercup (joy and impatience), daffodil (new start) and stitchwort (hope). The bouquet transforms as feeling grows: lilac (“my heart belongs to you”) and blue crocus (budding love). Love is then true and deep: wallflower (contentment), forget-me-nots (true love) and cyclamen (devotion). Price upon request