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Since 1997, Urwerk has fascinated customers with its outstanding timepieces and now, 20 years of artistic watchmaking later, the firm has created a transformable watch adorned with titanium.

Have you heard of The Transformers? They were toys made in the 1980s, robots that could change into vehicles and then fight it out. But “Transformer” is also the name of the new Urwerk watch, celebrating the brand’s 20th anniversary: the UR-T8 Transformer. Although the watch looks nothing like a robot, it does have a futuristic appearance and a capacity to be transformed.

urwerk ur-t8 transformer

The UR-T8 Transformer features a kind of shell, a protective shield to preserve the mechanism against damage from the outside, such as impacts, and which also gives the watch a different face. This is a sort of two-in-one watch: first, the watch gives you the time, and second, it is a little work of art mounted on an alligator strap. Switching from one face to the other in perfect safety is quite simple. You just need to unlock the titanium case from its cradle using two buttons on the bezel, rotate and turn it over before clicking it back onto its cradle.

urwerk ur-t8 transformer reverse

The watch features a glass sapphire to protect the wandering-hour system embodied in 12 markers in groups of four and moving, one after the other, along the minute scale set on a semi-circular track. This display, an Urwerk speciality, is driven by the UR 8.01 calibre, with a self-winding mechanism controlled by a gilded turbine connected to the rotor, and providing a power reserve of 50 hours.

The watch also has a titanium-textured shield with a black PVD coating, acting as a cover and protection. So you can hide the time, as befits a secret watch for the 3rd millennium.

The UR-T8 Transformer is available in two versions: titanium and PVD or black PVD titanium, and each is limited to 30 pieces.

Price: 100 000 CHF urwerk.com

By Sharmila Bertin

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