urwerk ur-210 rg


A daring reading of time and practical technical innovations are the achievements of this seductive UR-210 RG made by Urwerk.

The UR-201 RG collection once again has concentrated the spirit of the Urwerk brand and its two talented designers, Martin Frei and Felix Baumgartner. On the agenda: a dial with a supersized retrograde minute hand gliding gently across a 120° arc in 60 minutes. When it reaches the limit, at the end of the 59th minute, it returns to the starting point in less than 1/10th of a second. A technical feat and a guaranteed visual impact! The time reading is also impressive. A surprising mechanism called the “revolving satellite complication“ displays the hour. This highly complex mechanism is enclosed in a red gold case with a design that is both elegant and futuristic.

urwerk ur-210 rg closeup

On the dial, a discreet power reserve is placed at 1 o’clock. There is a symmetrical and somewhat unusual feature, at 11 o’clock, with two touches of colour, green and red. This is an original measurement, patented by Urwerk, called winding efficiency. The indication does not arise from the tension on the mainspring, but by a calculation comparing how much the movement has been wound and effective energy output.

As a result, the owner knows whether enough energy has been provided. A winding regulator on the side of the case can then be used so that the rotor can convert the smallest gesture into pure energy. In the FULL position, the watch is fully wound and optimised. When the movement is over-wound, the owner simply sets the mechanism to REDUCED. An internal resistance is then triggered, so that fewer demands are made on the calibre. Last but not least, in STOP mode, the system of automatic winding is deactivated. The UR 210 RG is transformed into a manual winding watch!

Price: 147,000 CHF (Excl. VAT) urwerk.com

By Dan Diaconu


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