urwerk ur 210 final edition


Martin Frei and Felix Baumgartner bring the tale of this reference to a climax with a version boasting powerful style, perfect for showcasing the highly-original dual display of the time data.

The UR-210, unveiled back in 2012, epitomizes the ultimate evolution of the Urwerk-imagined satellite display. The timepiece is a masterpiece of innovations. The oversized flyback minute hand is combined with the hour cones, which are displayed when the central tricephalic mechanism rotates. A new instrument is featured at 11 o’clock, sitting symmetrically opposite the power reserve indicator nestling at 1 o’clock: a winding efficiency pointer indicating winding efficiency over the last two hours the watch has been worn.

urwerk ur 210 final edition profileOn the caseback, a winding selector proposes three modes. Set to full position, the rotor will convert the slightest movement to pure energy via a turbine coupled to an oscillating weight which optimizes winding. In contrast, reduced enables a rotor restriction system which slows the movement to avoid wear on the mechanism. A turbine with blades, like an air compressor unit, starts up and creates resistance internally, air friction which is sufficient to slow down the automatic winding system. In stop mode, the system is disabled and the UR-210 turns into a hand-wound watch. This state-of-the-artness is all hosted in a case carved like a contemporary sculpture with taut lines.

urwerk ur 210 final edition casebackSo, it’s this relief-enhanced mechanical architecture, developed based on the UR-7.10 caliber, which we discover in the UR-210 Final Edition. All the time data adorns a red hue obtained using a Super-LumiNova® paint and ensuring excellent readability. This is emphasized even more by the black DLC finish of the steel and titanium case.

Price: CHF137,000

By Dan Diaconu