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This new model, a modern-day apex predator, created as a limited series, relentlessly devours each second, minute and hours of our terrestrial days, with style and precision.

On the Urwerk planet, T-Rex have by no means disappeared. Quite the contrary actually, they flourish in a variety of forms! These timepieces, which appeared on the scene in 2016 in the form of the UR-105, boast thick solid bronze armature that’s just as impressive as the build of their far-distant Cretaceous cousins. This year, the family has grown, welcoming the UR-100V T-Rex. Its 41 mm-wide and 49.7 mm-long case embraces this same unusual finish obtained using three special dermal treatments. The first enhances the material with an original patina. The second gifts it with this ever-so characteristic relief created by a CNC milling robot. The last offers it sandblasting and burnishing made using biochemical actions to give it its final color.

urwerk ur 100 v trexThis reptilian-looking protection hosts the UR 12.02 caliber perfectly. This selfwinding movement, which delivers a power reserve of 48 hours, stands out with its Windfänger profiled helical system which regulates its bidirectional rotor. This innovative mechanism is unveiled through the sapphire-crystal caseback.

urwerk ur 100 v trex casebackDial-side, the 22 pieces of the UR-100V T-Rex, following in the footsteps of the previous versions, still feature a tricephalic satellite display of the hours and a retrograde minute on a graduated scale. On the case-middle, it also mentions the distance covered from a point on the equator in 20 minutes, 555.55 km, and that of the journey of the Earth around the Sun over this same period of time, 35,742 km.

Price: CHF50,000 VAT-exclu.

By Dan Diaconu




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