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Time: comedy, drama? Both? This novel opus produced in just 25 pieces proposes a spectacular scenography of time that invites us to indulge in a host of visual sensations.

Electrum, a natural-occurring alloy of gold and silver, containing traces of copper, known as “white gold” during ancient times, stands out with its hues that swing towards yellow. This metal, used to produce coins back in the day, became obsolete as greater purity of materials was then privileged. Urwerk draws its inspiration from it to imagine its UR-100 Electrum watch. Its case comprises a blend of gold and palladium. Circular striations adorn its surface. Like the tier-seating in a theater, they encircle the stage, the dial, where a fascinating feast-for-the-eyes takes place, the display of time showcased by the omnipresence of green Super-LumiNova®!

urwerk ur 100 electrum lifestyleThe UR 12.01 caliber drives the satellite hours and the impressive retrograde hand that hovers over the graduated minute scale with incredible precision. This selfwinding movement delivers 48 hours of autonomy. The sapphire-crystal caseback offers a vista over the mechanical wings in particular the bidirectional rotor and the regulator that uses a profiled helical system known as Windfänger.

urwerk ur 100 electrum closeupWe also discover the two lateral slots on the case-middle that are inherent to this model. The first features the numbers 555.55 km and the acronym “rotat”. This distance corresponds to the one traveled by anyone located on the equator over 20 minutes. In the second slot, 35,742 km and “revol” are inscribed. This data evokes the journey of the Earth around the Sun over this same period of time.

Price: CHF62,000 VAT-exclu.

By Dan Diaconu




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