ulysse nardin blast hourstriker


The watchmaker from Le Locle cranks up the volume with this piece embracing state-of-the-art technology integrated in a complex in-house caliber assembled using 330 components.

ulysse nardin blast hourstriker tourbillon closeupIn 2019, Ulysse Nardin and Devialet played an unprecedented musical and time-focused score with the Hourstriker Phantom. Like the jet-roaring nomad speakers with their incredibly-sophisticated acoustics produced by the French firm specialized in high-end amplification, the watch wowed with its melodic faculties and the power of the notes chimed out. With this new Blast Hourstriker, the manufacture pursues this auditory experience by improving the previous quality/power ratio. And, to reach this height, the UN-621 caliber was specially designed. To use the striking mechanism easily, two buttons have been added. One, set at 8 o’clock, plays the role of an on/off switch. When turned “ON”, the watch strikes the hours and half hours. The other, at 10 o’clock, just requires a single tap to trigger the complication as wished. And, when both or either are enabled, the timepiece wearer can admire the hammers striking the gongs on the totally skeletonized dial.

ulysse nardin blast hourstriker front closeupThe selfwinding tourbillon movement provides the energy needed for the watch to tick over optimally for 60 hours. A specific barrel is devoted to delivering energy to the striking mechanism. The ensemble is protected by a 45 mm-diameter case which blends together a black DLC-coated titanium case-middle with rose gold elements. This composition and one-of-a-kind Devialet-imagined architecture act like a speaker vibration membrane and ensure the chiming notes are diffused loud and clear.

ulysse nardin blast hourstriker side closeupTo match your style, the Blast Hourstriker can be worn with a velvet strap, a rubber one or even an alligator one.

Price: CHF99,000

By Dan Diaconu