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With this watch there’s no need to take any excess baggage along during your business trips or holidays! The new GMT-Master II has everything you need to take you from one end of the planet to the other.

First launched in 1954, the Oyster GMT-Master is now a reference in travellers’ watches. The graded 24-hour bezel in the colours of a famous American soda gave it its nickname. And while the recipe for Pepsi is still a secret, the formula that brought success to this timepiece is well known and can be summarised in two words: simple and robust. The version unveiled this year at Baselworld 2018 by Rolex follows in the tradition of the previous models. The 40mm-wide steel case contains a wonderfully simple black dial. The wide hour and minute hands point to XL-sized hour markers. All these elements have a Chromalight coating for optimum visibility. Along with the central second hand, there is the famous fourth, red hand that turns around the dial once every 24 hours. It can be used either to show local time or a second time zone on the revolving ceramic bezel. A date topped with a Cyclops magnifying lens rounds off the time information. And for the first time, the Oyster GMT-Master II comes with a Jubilee-type strap with five steel links.

rolex gmt master 2 2018 profileEach new version made by the brand provides more than just aesthetic changes. The mechanism gains in performance too. So Rolex has equipped this timepiece with a new automatic movement. The aim is for the calibre 3285 to be more accurate and more resistant to impacts with an escapement made of nickel-phosphorus. With this optimised performance, the power reserve rises to 70 hours. Enough to surf through the time zones with perfect peace of mind.

rolex gmt master 2 2018Like all Rolex watches, the Oyster GMT-MASTER II also has the superlative chronometer certification guaranteeing precision of -2 to +2 seconds a day.

Price: 8,500 EUR

By Dan Diaconu




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