richard mille rm 70-01 alain prost


It took all the genius of Richard Mille to combine cycling and luxury watchmaking in a timepiece equipped with an odometer.

At a period when connected watches are programmed to keep track of all our sporting exploits, Richard Mille has provided an original take on the trend with the new RM 70-01 Tourbillon Alain Prost. The great French racing driver, who has lent his name to the watch, is chiefly famous for his superb career in Formula 1, but he is also well-known for another one of his great passions, cycling. In answer a simple question, namely, how far have I cycled since the start of the season, Richard Mille has provided an original solution by including a unique mechanical odometer in the watch. In concrete terms, you just need to record the distances manually after each ride. A push button at 2 o’clock is used to select one of the 5 odometer rollers on the dial. When the ride is finished, you just need to press the push button at 10 o’clock to display the figure. The only work the user has to do is to add the day’s distance to the number of kilometres already recorded.

richard mille rm 70-01 alain prost with caseback

To achieve this degree of simplicity, the watchmakers at Richard Mille designed a hand-wound movement that is particularly complex since it includes a tourbillon. The power reserve is 70 hours once the watch is wound, and is shown by an indicator at 5 o’clock.

richard mille rm 70-01 alain prost with side view

The machined TPT carbon case stands out thanks to its asymmetric lines. The original design makes for easy reading, irrespective of your hand’s position on the handlebars. The RM 70-01 Tourbillon Alain Prost is in a limited edition of 30 pieces. Each buyer will also be given a road bike, specially designed by Alain Prost, Richard Mille and the Italian bike-maker Colnago.

Price: €891,960 including VAT

By Dan Diaconu