patek philippe 5531r-001


With this new model, Patek Philippe has launched the first universal travel watch with a minute repeater chiming at local time.

In 2017, Patek Philippe organised an exhibition in New York, Art of Watches. Among the 450 timepieces to admire, nine limited editions were previewed before release. One stood out in particular due to its unique mechanism. For the first time, the watchmakers unveiled a minute repeater coupled with a universal time mechanism. In concrete terms, this means you can see at a glance what time it is on the five continents, and a bell chimes, reminding you what time it is when you are travelling. These two perfectly designed complications call for a remarkable degree of technical skill. It takes no less than 462 components to guarantee the impeccable results of the self-winding calibre R 27 HU. The crown is used to set the time or wind the watch. A monopusher at 2 o’clock selects the home city. At 9 o’clock, a function button activates or stops the bell chime.

patek philippe 5531r-001 closeupOn the dial of the 5531R-001 model, a central cloisonné enamel decoration shows a boat sailing on Lake Geneva. The picture of the peaceful landscape of Lavaux, the winemaking region in the canton of Vaud, is like an invitation to travel. Around the image is a 24-hour disc with a bicolour day/night indication, which is in turn encircled by the main cities in the 24 time zones. Only two discreet and elegant hands are added to this beautifully clear design.

patek philippe 5531r-001 dial closeupThis exceptional watch is elegant down to the smallest details. So the 40.2mm-wide rose gold case features a Clous de Paris guilloché pattern made by hand and is worn with a chocolate brown alligator leather strap.

Price on request patek.com

By Dan Diaconu