mb and f hm6 alien nation


The fertile imagination of Maximilian Büsser, the founder of MB&F, and his team never ceases to amaze. His imagination helps feed our own, whether we are journalists, fans or customers. A canny blend of worlds and periods are concentrated in the new model made by the young brand: the HM6 Alien Nation.

mb and f hm6 alien nation closeup

Like a transparent space ship transporting a crew of six inhabitants from another planet, the HM6 Alien Nation is limited to four pieces (each one emitting a different kind of light, coloured blue, turquoise, purple or green) and is aimed at conquering not our world, but the wrists of the happy few. Sitting in his seat at the front of the watch, the captain, who is visible, despite his tiny size, and his five lieutenants seem busy and full of determination in their glass spacecraft. Each of these painstakingly hand-sculpted white gold statuettes, with their tall, slim silhouettes and large oval heads, dominated by two big black eyes, required 34 hours of work.

mb and f hm6 alien nation closeup dark

This new watch made by MB&F features a rectangular case that is entirely made of sapphire and from a dozen pieces that have been assembled and reinforced by a titanium structure including the lugs. The watch size is impressive: 51x50mm, and 22.7mm thick. The transparent structure is equipped with four half-globes, each placed on the outside, and including the hour and minute indications (at the front) and two turbines (at the back); a central dome reveals the brand’s first flying tourbillon, protected by a retractable titanium shield; and lastly two crowns, one on the right to set the hour functions and the other on the left to raise or lower the tourbillon’s protective armour.

Since there is little light in space, the HM6 Alien Nation is coated with very powerful phosphorescent materials: the Super-LumiNova® on the time indicators and turbines, and AGT (Ambient Glow Technology) Ultra on the periphery of the case.

Price: 500,000 CHF (not including VAT) mb&f.com

By Sharmila Bertin