mbandf legacy machine flying t


Just a few days before the start of spring, the Geneva-based watchmakers, well known for their ultra-complex devices generally made for men, have released their first women’s watch.

“I never have any idea what a woman wants.” Despite this confession, Maximilian Büsser, the founder of MB&F, has given free rein to his feminine side by designing a real watchmaking artwork, filled with energy and elegance. Far from the brand’s ultra-complex, masculine Machines, the new LM FlyingT provides a wealth of delicacy and emotions. “This model embodies everything I love in my wife, everything I love in my daughters, everything I loved in my mum“, says Maximilian Büsser. This new arrival in the women’s world is a sure-fire success. You only need to see the watch at work to feel the excitement.

mbandf legacy machine flying t collectionThe LM FlyingT is designed like a living mechanical sculpture with a column structure housing a one-minute flying tourbillon and a diamond floating in the air like a prima ballerina. The complex architecture is under a protective, curved sapphire glass dome, like a maternal bubble. Maximilian Büsser’s aim was to make the watch as a gift, so only its owner can see the time. The black or white lacquered sub-dial displaying the hours and minutes with two blued or silver serpentine hands is literally invisible to anyone else, since it is tilted at 50° and located at 7 o’clock.

mbandf legacy machine flying t profileThis women’s watch by MB&F is powered by a dynamic self-winding movement running at a gentle frequency of 2.5hz and providing a very impressive 100 hours of power reserve. It is housed in a 38.5mm-wide case made of white gold and coated in gems – 120 brilliant-cut or 124 baguette-cut diamonds, depending on the model you choose. There are three different versions of the LM FlyingT, with the dials coated in deep black lacquer, 390 brilliant-cut diamonds or 134 baguette-cut diamonds.

mbandf legacy machine flying t movementPrice: 108,000 CHF exc. VAT (black lacquer dial) – 135,000 CHF exc. VAT (diamonds on case and dial) – 298,000 CHF exc. VAT (baguette-cut diamonds on case and dial) mb&f.com

By Sharmila Bertin