mbf lm perpetual evo


These limited series, boasting structure-boosting enhancements, breathe new life into the perpetual calendar created by Stephen McDonnell. A super-appreciated EVOlution!

mbf lm perpetual evo collectionTo counter the impossibility of wearing a MB&F watch during intense and risk-taking activities, the Friends have imagined a cut-out-for-action, as-sturdy-as-they-come model. In a nutshell, the Legacy Machine Perpetual EVO’s zirconium-crafted case keeps its initial 44 mm-diameter size, but the bezel disappears and is replaced by a newly-designed sapphire-crystal dome welded to the case-middle. The pushers are more wearer-friendly and take on an oblong shape. And, now that the crown is screwed, the case is waterproof to depths of 80 meters. And to ensure the caliber is protected effectively, a new annular shock-absorbing system called FlexRing, made from a single block of steel, was developed. It absorbs shocks, bumps and jerks across several axes and ensures the large balance-wheel remains firmly in place.

mbf lm perpetual evo closeupThe most practical of all grandes complications, perfectly secured inside the case, comes to life in a totally new setting. Here, time data is easily- and optimally-readable in particular thanks to the dial-plate which adorns three different colors. Each version is issued in just fifteen pieces. One goes for black PVD treatment (Physical Vapor Deposition), the other is coated using a blue CVD process (Chemical Vapor Deposition). As for the third, its shade is produced by a groundbreaking CVD application method.

mbf lm perpetual evo darkTo ensure incomparable wearing comfort, the lugs of the rubber strap are integrated in the case whose metal is more resistant than titanium and boasts a naturally-silvered, satin-brushed glow.

Price: CHF152,000 mb&f.com

By Dan Diaconu