mbf lm perpetual evo titanium


Not a watch for sports. A watch for life, the slogan designated to this model is still perfectly-well adapted for this novel stylish variation boasting a titanium case.

The Legacy Machine Perpetual EVO, launched last year with a zirconium case, is back centerstage in a limited series with a 44 mm-diameter case, crafted in titanium, a material that appeals thanks to its many properties (sturdiness, lightness and biocompatibility). MB&F combines the metal’s particular gray hue with a baseplate-dial dressed in luminous green obtained using a CVD treatment (Chemical Vapor Deposition).

mbf lm perpetual evo titanium closeupIn this new scenescape, we discover the layout inherent to the model that presents the perpetual calendar through three openworked discs inside which a hand hovers over the date at 9 o’clock, the day at 3 o’clock and the month at 6 o’clock. The hours and minutes feature in an offset subdial at 12 o’clock. Two indicators, one for leap years, the other for the power reserve, set off the ensemble. Our glance is caught and mesmerized by the presence of a large balance-bridge in the center, supported by its wishbone-shaped arc.

mbf lm perpetual evo titanium casebackMoreover, the Legacy Machine Perpetual EVO in Titanium also embraces all the characteristics of the original model. The bezel has disappeared and is replaced by a newly-designed sapphire-crystal dome welded to the case-middle. Pushers assume a low profile with their slender, rectangular shape. And, now that the crown is screwed, the case is waterproof to depths of 80 meters. The “FlexRing”, a ring-type system sculpted from a single block of steel, absorbs shocks over several axes. It protects the complicated caliber designed by Stephen McDonnell perfectly and ensures the large balance-wheel stays in place.

Price: CHF152,000 VAT-exclu. mb&f.com

By Dan Diaconu