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With a rounded fuselage evoking aircraft and automobile designs from the mid-20th century, the Horological Machine N°9 Flow is worthy of an artistic masterpiece… to be worn on the wrist!

The launch of each new device made by MB&F is an emotional experience. First, anticipation takes hold, as the atmosphere of the timepiece is described prior to the launch. You absorb sometimes conceptual images of vintage cars moving across your screen, trying to grasp what could have been going through the designers’ minds for them to create shapes like these, for them to imagine such fluidity, while asking yourself what the new watch by the Geneva-based watchmakers will look like. And then suddenly it appears, majestic, inspired and inspirational. You are overwhelmed with admiration and surprise. The new Horological Machine N°9, known as the HM9 Flow, is no exception to this emotional ritual.

mbf hm9 flow rear and front viewsThe large curves on the grade 5 titanium case recall the dynamic silhouettes of cars and planes from the 1940s and 1950s, when design was still an art and not a computer-generated process. With an impressive width of 57mm and playing on polished and brushed surfaces, the body of the HM9 Flow is made up of three parts, like a cockpit between two jet engines, with a three-dimensional patented gasket. On the sides, protected by two oblong pieces of sapphire crystal, are balance wheels, each running at around 18,000 vibrations an hour; and, in the centre, the planetary differential engine, used to calculate the average rate of these two beating hearts and provide a stable average display. It took three years to develop the hand-wound mechanism, with a shape in harmony with the watch case. The dial placed at right angles displays the hours and minutes against a black background.

mbf hm9 flow top viewThere are two versions of this Horological Machine N°9 Flow, with 33 copies made of each: the “Air” model, with an anthracite NAC coating and a dial inspired by pilots’ watches, and the “Road” model, with a rose-gold-plated movement and an hour display echoing the speedometer of a car.

mbf hm9 flow profile viewPrice: 168,000 CHF exc. VAT mb&f.com

By Sharmila Bertin




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