mbf hm10 bulldog


For the 10th opus of this collection, Maximilian Büsser and his Friends have reached a new milestone in their stylistic and mechanical adventure with this timepiece which is rather dog-tastic.

mbf hm10 bulldog jawsWhat makes it stand out? A stocky body, powerful jaws and agile paws… You’d think we’re talking about a canid yet we’re actually describing the particular adornments of a watch. After Frog and Aquapod, here comes Bulldog! This new creation wows with its design yet pursues the DNA embraced by the latest timepieces concocted by the MB&F team’s fertile imagination. The Horological Machine n°10 is a pure concentrate of accumulated savoir-faire proposing a highly-practical, stylish, fun-filled watch. Inside the massive case (45x54x45 mm), topped by a sapphire-crystal dome, we can admire the pair of domes discovered in the HM3, one dedicated to displaying the hours, the other the minutes. A 14 mm-diameter balance wheel beating at a frequency of 18,000 vibrations per hour, unveiled for the first time on the Legacy Machine n°1, also breathes life into the dial. Two perfectly symmetrical crowns, set at the back of the HM10 Bulldog’s body, are used for winding and setting the time.

mbf hm10 bulldog backTo keep track of the power supplied by a single barrel, the team came up with an incredibly-original indicator. This mechanism is fashioned in the shape of powerful mechanical jaws located under the dial. These jaws close slowly but surely as the caliber uses up the 45 hours of power reserve available.

And, to be sure it’s man’s best friend, the HM10 Bulldog is available in two versions. The Ti adorns titanium whilst the RT is cloaked in rose gold. Both models are complemented by a calfskin strap attached to articulated lugs ensuring optimally comfortable wear.

Price: CHF98,000 tax-exclu. (titanium) – CHF112,000 tax-exclu. (rose gold) mb&f.com

By Dan Diaconu