louis moinet space revolution


With this limited series, Louis Moinet moves beyond the realms of watchmaking imagination by embracing a novel caliber featuring two tourbillons, each steering a spaceship.

Space appears to be a source of inspiration for Louis Moinet that’s just as infinite as its dimensions. The firm’s latest creation to date whisks us off into the spheres of science fiction. On the dial, which is as black as a starless sky in Space Revolution, four one-of-a-kind elements stand out. Two take on the shape of titanium-sculpted spaceships. Their weight is no more than 0.5 grams. Their opposing fly-routes mean they face off 18 times an hour. One makes a full revolution in 5 minutes, the other a counter-clockwise one every 10 minutes. The two other artworks, flying tourbillons, continually rotate around themselves every minute and around a central axis. This relief-style ensemble is protected by an impressive sapphire crystal which tops a 43.5 mm-diameter rose gold case.

louis moinet space revolution shipsPractically-speaking, each regulating device is paired with a spacecraft. The energy produced by the first is used by the movements of the second’s interstellar world. It took three years to finalize the pitted rotations of the double tourbillon integrated in the LM104 caliber. The hand-wound movement comprising 470 components boasts two oscillators equipped with differential mechanisms. Given the mechanical architecture complexity, a function selector, set in the caseback, allows to toggle between winding the watch and setting the time, via a crown.

louis moinet space revolution tourbillonThe eight pieces of this Space Revolution are worn on an alligator strap clasped by an ardillon buckle.

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By Dan Diaconu


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