louis moinet space mystery


As a tourbillon celebrates the mysteries of gravity, Louis Moinet takes us to a new aesthetic world.

“If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe,” said the American astronomer Carl Sagan. The same goes for making a watch and that’s surely why the Space Mystery by Louis Moinet is inspired by the cosmos with a never-before-seen celestial design. The deep and intense “Magic Blue” dial brings to mind the starry sky. An interstellar feature appears in the form of a majestic tourbillon and its oversize cage at 13.59mm in diameter. Another star catches the eye at 9. The perforated dial gives a glimpse of a real C chondrite meteorite fragment which may contain fossilised extra-terrestrial molecules. No wonder the watchmakers at Louis Moinet have unleashed their stratospheric imagination!

louis moinet space mystery profile

Space Mystery is described as the first “satellite tourbillon” in the world which is brought to life by an original movement. The cage is balanced by a sphere orbiting around it. The tourbillon whose top is in blue titanium rotates on itself just like the universe’s stars. It also spins on an axis to fuel the 60-second parallel rotation of a satellite planet on the edge.

louis moinet space mystery caseback

There are 4 versions of the Space Mystery’s 46mm watch. The white and rose gold models are beautifully hand-engraved or completely smooth. There are 8 of each limited edition model available.

Price: 175,000 CHF (rose or white gold) – 195,000 CHF (engraved rose or white gold) www.louismoinet.com

By Dan Diaconu