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Cut out for adventure, the Hysek Abyss Discoverer will be on hand in all our travels on dry land, but also during scuba-diving sessions.

Since 1997, Hysek has been producing watches that stand out in the watchmaking world with their atypical shapes. In 2005, the young company unveiled the Abyss Diving Chronograph collection. What was so special about it? An innovative system for blocking the bezel. On the design front, the watch went against the grain of watchmaking tradition in including a large date on a timepiece with a very modern shape. Since then, the aesthetic tendency and patented mechanism have been found on other models made by the brand, including the Abyss Discoverer.

hysek abyss dicoverer collection

Like its elder relation, this model features a self-winding chronograph movement to measure elapsed time, while still retaining its essential function as a diving watch. With a robust steel case measuring 44mm in diameter, a crown and screwed monopushers, the watch has been designed to resist pressure of 10 ATM, that is, up to 100 metres in depth. The Abyss Discoverer is an invitation to explore the sea depths in complete safety. All the more so since it is equipped with a bezel-blocking system, helping to guarantee safety during a dive. Setting it is very simple. All you need do is unblock the system by pressing in the direction of the arrow engraved on the case, turning the bezel to the chosen number and then, to conclude the operation, push in the opposite direction. It’s simple and, above all, effective! Like all diving watches, you should avoid resetting the different functions once you are in the water to guarantee that the watch remains watertight.

On the dial, the oversized figures, the tri-compax position of the chronograph dials and the large date displayed at 12 o’clock guarantee an excellent readability of the time information, even in the water.

Price: 12,950 CHF hysek.com

By Dan Diaconu

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