hublot meca 10 clock


How can you faithfully reproduce a caliber and its performances when you blow up its size fourfold? L’Épée and Hublot watchmakers have actually managed to do this, and brilliantly so. Discovery.

hublot meca 10 clock casebackMiniaturization goes hand-in-hand with the history of watchmaking. This year, Hublot has turned this axiom on its head by showcasing a XXL version of its MECA-10 caliber unveiled back in 2016. This stunning creation, brought to life in collaboration with the Jura-based manufacture l’Épée, takes on the shape of a table clock which embraces the exact same characteristics as the original wear-on-the-wrist version. The virtually-square 19.60 x 18.10 mm case design is inspired by the well-loved construction game Meccano. On the skeletonized dial, the time data features are displayed in the same way as on the timepieces equipped with the hand-wound movement. The hour and minute hand duo hovers over an hour chapter comprising indexes only. All these elements are coated with luminescent material gifting the watch with perfect readability under any light conditions. A small seconds rotates at 9 o’clock. A power reserve indicator at 6 o’clock states the remaining energy available.

hublot meca 10 clock side viewJust like the hand-wound movement which nestles in the Big Bang models, this perfect mechanical replica delivers 10 days’ autonomy to the clock. It is assembled using some 432 components. It is easy to wind thanks to a notched crown set at 3 o’clock. Its rubber-coated surface offers a better grip when manually winding the movement.

hublot meca 10 clock with watchTwo variations of the MECA-10 Clock are available. One boasts a black PVD steel case, the other is crafted in the same metal enhanced with a satin-brushed finish.

Price: EUR49,800 (black PVD steel) – EUR46,700 (satin-brushed steel)

By Dan Diaconu