hublot classic fusion special-edition bronze anticlockwise


For the Dubai Watch Week last November 20 to 24, the Nyon-based watchmaker presented an exclusive edition equipped with an anticlockwise time reading.

Who has never wondered why the hands on a watch rotate from left to right? The answer is historical, but also geographical. The movement of the hands on the first clocks was inspired by the shadow of the gnomon on a sundial. In the Northern Hemisphere, as the Sun rises in the East and sets in the West, passing by due South around noon, the shadow cast by the gnomon moves in this direction. So this rotation sets the pace for our timepieces. Hublot proposes letting us live at our own pace with the Classic Fusion Special Edition Bronze Anticlockwise.

hublot classic fusion special-edition bronze anticlockwise closeupIts grey dial bears unusual time markers alternating with baton markers to comprise the chapter ring. These are not given in Latin or Roman numerals, but rather in Oriental Arabic calligraphy. The numbers 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 are shown. Another particularity is that they are placed counter-clockwise. So to give the time, the hands turn backwards, in the anticlockwise direction, powered by a self-winding movement.

hublot classic fusion special-edition bronze anticlockwise white backgroudThis limited edition of just 100 timepieces is worn on a grey calfskin leather strap and also stands out by the material selected for its case. The watchmaker has made the fusion of materials its leitmotif, but this is the first time it has used bronze to machine the body of one of its watches. It forms a natural patina over time. All these features make this model a must have for collectors.

Price: upon request

By Dan Diaconu