hermes arceau grands fonds


The Parisian fashion house has chosen the height of summer to unveil a new timepiece limited to 6 pieces with a dial made of glass micromosaic which represents the design of a silk scarf from 1992.

“Like a fish to water”. You may not be familiar with this saying but the latest work by Hermès, the Arceau Grands Fonds model, available in 6 pieces, demonstrates it perfectly. Why? Because an exquisite parrot fish decorated with blue and yellow scales speckled with white effortlessly lights up the dial of this timepiece.

hermes arceau grands fonds handcraftedThis serene aquatic creature has left its usual tropical turquoise waters behind to adorn the face of the Arceau Grands Fonds. The marine inspiration comes from the Hermès collection, particularly from a cobalt blue silk scarf designed by the artist Annie Faivre in 1992. And because the Parisian fashion house loves to showcase the artistic expertise of its craftsmen, this dial has been produced in glass micromosaic, a process which demands an eagle eye and skillful precision. Each colored glass tessera is selected then cut before being fired at more than 700°C in order to produce thin strands. After being filed, the tiny tiles are then assembled using a mixture of marble powder, lime and linseed oil, and placed on the dial, which has been previously carved out with a scalpel, using a wooden peg.

hermes arceau grands fonds closeupThe leaf-shaped hour and minute hands next to the fish’s eye are regulated by the H1837 caliber which is located in a 41 mm white gold case. This self-winding mechanical movement offers a power reserve of 50 hours.

Price: 100,000 CHF

By Sharmila Bertin