FIONA KRÜGER – Celebration Skull

FIONA KRÜGER Celebration Skull

Unlike the Day of the Dead festivities which pay tribute to the dearly departed, the talented Fiona Krüger celebrates life with her Celebration Skull. There’s nothing sad about it. The joyful, euphoric dial of the calavera is spread over three levels and bursts with bright colours which each have a meaning. Blue represents trust, pink means celebration, red symbolises life etc. The edges of the skull, sockets, nostrils and jaw have a luminescent coating which makes the phosphorescent skull glow in the dark. The hours and minutes are tracked by two blue steel Foundation hands (a nod to Peter Speake-Marin who supported Fiona Krüger when she started out) and the date appears at 12 above the eye sockets. The steel case (57x41mm) encloses a decorated calibre which you can glimpse through the caseback. Price: 25,800 CHF exc. VAT. Sharmila Bertin


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