Swiss watch-making: a positive situation overall

Overall, the Swiss watch industry is still healthy, as shown by the export statistics published at the beginning of each year by the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry (FH). First observation: in 2013, they were higher than ever. They reached the equivalent of 21.8 billion Swiss francs, an increase of 1.9 % compared to 2012.
If we examine the situation market by market, some interesting developments emerge. Among the fifteen major importers of Swiss watches, Hong Kong (-5.6%) and Mainland China (-12.5%) stalled. This decrease is mainly due to the regularisation of the Chinese economy. Europe bucked this trend, with the notable exception of France (-9.6%). The United Kingdom (+18.2%), Germany (+9%) and Italy (+4.6%) recognised the value of Swiss timepieces. On other continents, the United States (+2.4%), Japan (+5.7 %), the United Arab Emirates (+9.2%) and South Korea (+11.4%) are also doing well. The prospects for 2014 are pretty good.
On the corporate side, the Swatch Group is once again glowing with health. In 2013, its gross turnover reached 8.817 billion Swiss francs, an increase of 8.3%. Net income increased by 20.2%, standing at 1.928 billion i.e. a margin of 22.8%. For its part, the Richemont group was not disappointed either. Indeed, the latest figures published show an increase in sales.


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