Génie 02 Air

They often say that the second piece establishes the maker’s talent and cements the success of the first. Following the mechanical Génie 01 watch with integrated altimeter and barometer, Breva founder Vincent Dupontreué has returned with a limited edition piece (55 watches): Génie 02 Air. This watch has a complex face made up of layered sub-dials displaying the hours and minutes at 9 o’ clock, a precision altimeter disc at 2 o’ clock (metric and imperial) and a power reserve indicator at 4 o’ clock. On the next level lie the small seconds at 12 o’ clock and two aneroid capsules at 6 o’ clock which measure air pressure to calculate altitude. A large-scale crescent-shaped altimeter runs from 10 to 1 o’ clock. The same details as the Génie 01 feature on the sides of the 45mm black titanium case: a crown to wind the movement and set the time at 9 o’ clock, an altitude adjustor at 2 o’ clock and an open/sealed pressure equaliser at 4 o’ clock. Price: 120,000 CHF (exc. VAT)


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