breguet marine tourbillon equation marchante 5887


Soft, neutral tones bring out the timeless personality of this “grande complication” timepiece. This Breguet flagship sails off to far-distant horizons.

breguet marine tourbillon equation marchante 5887 casebackBreguet proposes an update to one of its flagship models, literally a masterpiece of its savoir-faire, the Marine Tourbillon Equation Marchante 5887. This year, the timepiece, which was available until now in rose gold or platinum with silvered or blue gold dial respectively, adorns a rose gold case and taupe-slate colored robe. And, the result? More timeless than ever, it takes on nuances that can definitely outplay fashions and trends.

breguet marine tourbillon equation marchante 5887 closeupThe patterns, inspired by the marine world and specific to this collection, are pursued on this model and continue to be hand guilloché-engraved. In this new atmosphere, the day and date continue to be featured in their respective apertures. A retrograde hand points to the date displayed on a semi-circular scale. The running equation of time complication appears in the form of two distinctive minute hands, one devoted to solar time which varies based on the Earth’s irregular rotation around the Sun, and the other dedicated to mean or reference time for daily life.

breguet marine tourbillon equation marchante 5887 lifestyleThe caliber 581DPE, assembled with some 563 components also drives the perpetual calendar. As it is accurate, it does not require adjustment for four years, and takes into account months with 30 or 31 days as well as February with its 28 days and 29 when leap years come around. The tourbillon set at 5 o’clock makes a complete revolution every minute. And, the amount of the 80-hour power reserve left is displayed in a gauge-style indicator nestling at 8 o’clock.

Price: EUR209,500

By Dan Diaconu